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Tunneling Machinery Introduction
- Mar 26, 2018 -

The axial pressure and the rotary force of the tool are used to press the rock surface, and the mechanical equipment of the roadway or the well is directly broken. The tool used has a disc-shaped hob, a wedge hob, a ball hob and a milling cutter. According to the digging roadway, it can be divided into the borehole drilling rig, the shaft drilling rig and the roadway boring machine.
1 Drilling rigs are specially designed for drilling and sliding wells. Generally, it is not necessary to enter the operation of the well. First use a roller bit to drill the pilot hole, and use a reamer composed of a disk-shaped hob to expand the hole upward.
2 Vertical shaft drilling rigs are specially used for drilling and drilling wells in one time. They consist of drilling system, rotary device, derrick, drilling tool lifting system and mud circulating system.
3 roadway boring machine, which is a comprehensive mechanized equipment that combines mechanical rock breaking and slag discharge and continuous excavation. It is mainly used in coal roadway, engineering tunnel in soft mine and Zhongping Lane driving.

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