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Mining Excavator Loader Assembly Considerations
- Mar 26, 2018 -

1. When assembling the connecting bolts, check whether the lock washers are complete and whether the tightness meets the requirements.
2. The joint part of the hydraulic system must be wiped clean, no dust and impurities can enter, and at the same time check whether the sealing ring is complete or damaged. All the pipelines should be straightened and fixed according to the original position.
3, after the installation of the whole machine should carefully check the various parts of the pipe fittings, accessories, etc., whether the installation is correct and safe.
4, the installation of electrical components to be a special person, the diameter of the cable into the junction box with the rubber pad hole diameter, compaction terminal should ensure that the rubber pad and the cable and the rubber pad and the junction box no gap, otherwise it will lose the explosion-proof performance .

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