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Mine Hydraulic Excavator Structural Terminology
- Mar 26, 2018 -

Working device: The mining hydraulic excavator working device is a device that directly completes the excavation work by two parts of the boom, the arm and the bucket. It has two types of shovel and backhoe.
On board: Upper mechanism consisting of a slewing gear, a diesel engine and a cooler, a gear reducer with a hydraulic pump, a control valve, a luffing mechanism, a lubrication station, a hangar, and a cab.
Slewing bearing: A device that connects the car to and from the car and acts as a slewing bearing.
Alighting: A device consisting of a lower frame, a hydraulic motor, a travel reducer, and a crawler walking mechanism to withstand the weight of the machine and the load generated during excavation, and to move the excavator.

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