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Supply-side structural reform aims to adjust the economic structure, optimize the allocation of factors, and improve the quality and quantity of economic growth. The demand-side reforms mainly include investment, consumption, and export, while the supply- side has factors such as labor, land, capital, institutional creation, and innovation.

Supply-side structural reform is to use incremental reform to promote stock adjustment. Optmizing investment structure while increasing investment. Improving industrial structure. Realizing the sustainable economic development and the continuous improvement of people's living standards on the basis of sustainable and high-speed economic growth; It is to optimize the property structure, advancement of the nation and the people. The government's macro-control and civil vitality promote each other; It is to optimize the investment and financing structure, promote the integration of resources, and realize the optimization of resource allocation and regeneration; It is to optimize the industrial structure, improve the industrial quality, optimize the product structure and improve the product quality; It is to optimize the distribution structure, achieve fair distribution, and make consumption a productive force; It is to optimize the circulation structure, save transaction costs, and increase the effective economic total; It means optimizing the consumption structure, constantly upgrading consumer goods, constantly improving people's quality of life, and realizing innovation-coordination-green-open-shared development. 

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