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Mine hydraulic lifting device application video tutorial
- May 14, 2018 -

1. Install the feet: install the feet on the track

2.Get the pipeline going through: connect the pipe of the hydraulic offering car and oil cylinder, and rise the feet of the equipment.

3.Check the folding chain: check if the chain is in the right position

4.Rising the equipment: offering the hydraulic to the transportation car, making the twoside of it even.

5.Open the Strengthening equipment: slowly working on the folding oil cylinder.

1)Install the bolt and nut

2)Checking if the bolt and nut are tight, and all other parts.

6.Connect the feet of the equipment, adjusted the height of the equipment to be little higher than the feet, and push the car walking to the it and using the bolts to make it stable.

7.Remove the transportation car: relive the hydraulic of the transportation car, and remove it

8.Fix the equipment

1)Install the 7 bolts of the stull

2)Install the other 8 bolts of the two end sides of the stull

3)Making sure all the bolts are fixed

9.Making the pipe going through: take the folding oil cylinder pipe off, install the pipes of oil cylinder for up and down, connect the equipment withe the control desk.

10.checking the folding hinge, making sure the position of the hinge is right.

11Offering the hydraulic to the main crane cylinder to push it to the back and put the bolt to fix. During this process. Making sure the hydraulic is offered slowly to avoid the damage of the equipment.

12.Checking if the chain are in the right position, and the bolts are fixed

13.Hung the weight block, try to crane,  check the position of the chain


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