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Crane hydraulic oil pump failure causes and remedies
- Mar 26, 2018 -

Reasons for the large noise and oil leakage of the crane hydraulic pump and how to eliminate it:
1, hydraulic pump pressure is low, noise
Cause: The hydraulic system has air, less hydraulic oil, overspeed operation, and parts are damaged.
Remedy: Exclude the air in the system, add enough hydraulic oil, operate at the specified speed, replace the damaged components!
2. Oil leakage at the front end and shaft end of the hydraulic oil pump
Cause: The seal ring is damaged, the input shaft is damaged, and the shaft end jumps too much, damaging the oil seal.
Remedy: Replace the seal ring, replace the sleeve, and replace the shaft end seal.
3, the hydraulic pump temperature is too high
Cause: Overloaded and damaged parts.

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