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Crane falling accident prevention measures
- Mar 26, 2018 -

(1) Strengthen the driver’s safety operation procedures education so that he can master the relevant technologies.
(2) Strictly abide by the requirements of laws and regulations such as the "Regulations for the Supervision and Administration of Special Equipment Safety", drivers must hold certificates, and carry out regular inspections and inspections of small cranes.
(3) For a special site operation project, the lifting unit shall conduct detailed inspection and demonstration, and formulate a detailed operation plan, and must also arrange full-time personnel to conduct on-site command.
(4) Install a torque limiter on the crane to fundamentally eliminate irregular safety hazards due to overload.
(5) When selecting the hoisting site, a flat, hard and open site with no soft collapse and sewer manhole cover must be selected.
(6) To maintain and maintain a small crane, ensure that the crane is in good condition. In particular, always inspect the main arm, support leg cylinder, support cushion, and amplitude change cylinder for cracks and oil leakage.
(7) Before lifting, the driver must estimate the weight of each piece of lifting gear, and blind lifting is forbidden.

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