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Liaoning senna international trading Co., Ltd was founded in July 2017, belonging to Liaoning vyue group, and mainly runs business on importing and exporting mining machinery. 

Liaoning vyue group started to be established from the nineties of 20th century, seated in South-city development zone of Diaobingshan city, Liaoning province, with 28,000.00㎡ area of structure on the 52,000.00㎡ floor area.

Liaoning vyue group has three companies, Tiefa vyue Mine spare-parts manufacturing Co., Ltd, Liaoning vyue group mining engineering project Co., Ltd, and Liaoning senna international trading Co., Ltd, which is a Mining machinery manufacturing enterprise with development, manufacture, producing, importing and exporting in one.

Group has 8 operational departments, 4 Project departments, 1 municipal R&D center, 6 producing workshops, 300 first-class domestic professional technicians, and gained 8 national invention patents and 15National Utility Model Patents.

Vyue group mainly develops and produces installation and withdraw equipment of fully mechanized coal mining face,and also together with helical drum for shearers, the cutting head of tunneling machine, cutting bit and other mining machinery spare parts

Hydraulic hoisting machine with double arms, hydraulic digging arm for mining and helical drum for shearers are developed and produced by our company independently among all the products, and they are sold all over the country with good comments.

And recently, hydraulic support installation and retracement equipment are already exported to Vietnam.

Our company welcome all customers to come to our factory to visit, and we also could develop and produce all size of mining machines follow customers’ needs.

At that time, there will be professional technicians to explain the theories of equipment and ways of usages. Furthermore, there will be more professional customer services stuffs who could offer door-to-door services, and inspect and repair equipment termly.


1、Q: What equipment does Liaoning Weiyue Group produce?
A: The group mainly develops and produces equipment for the installation and withdrawal of coal mine; At the same time, undertakes underground electromechanical equipment installation, withdrawal, coal mining, excavation and other projects.
2、Q: What are the company's main equipments?
A: Hydraulic lifting device for mining, hydraulic lifting machine with both arms, hydraulic mining excavation arm for mining, traction and adjustment platform for hydraulic bracket, hydraulic lifting crane with central groove, drum of coal mining machine, cutting teeth, etc..
3、Q: What are the company's advantages in mining machinery?
A: First of all, our company has more than 20 years of experience in the production of mining equipment; Second, the company also owns research and development team, most of our products are self-developed, have a number of invention patents; in addition, the group has subsidiaries that have multiple production workshops and most of the spare parts for the equipments are made by ourselves.
4、Q: How to ensure the after-sales service of the company's products?
A: Our company has professional technicians to explain the principle of the equipment and the methods of usage, professional customer service personnel for you to provide after-sales service, ensure independent operation, and regular maintenance of the equipment

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